Jagged and Bumpy Teeth?

First come the drooling and the fussiness, a signal to parents their baby is teething. Afterwards, perfect little white teeth begin popping up and and they put those new chompers to use. Fast forward a few years and then those little while teeth are being wiggled loose to make room for the permanent teeth. This is always met with a mixture of anxiety and excitement for parents and children, because losing the first tooth is a momentous event in a child’s life.

What are Mamelons?

It can be quite a surprise when your child’s first teeth come in, because they may not look like you expected. Many parents are left saying, “Why are these teeth so jagged?!” This is because many permanent teeth might look bumpy when they first erupt, with little hacksaw ridges along the top edge of the front teeth.

Those bumps on a child’s new adult teeth are called mamelons and they are completely normal. Eventually these harmless bumps go away, since they’re uneven and get worn down. In a few people, the mamelons don’t go away on their own, so our Yuba City family dentists can smooth them out if you’d like. (This is usually a sign of misaligned teeth that don’t meet up properly when a person chews or talks.)

Don’t forget that when your child loses their first tooth it’s the perfect time to make sure your family is receiving the quality dental care they need. Brush every day and twice a day, floss daily, avoid consuming too much acidic and sugary foods or drinks, get regular dental cleanings, and wear a mouthguard during contact sports. These are all essential steps for each family member, whether they have mamelons or not! With proper dental care and treatment, mamelons go away, but healthy teeth stay smooth and strong for life!

Feb 16, 2017 | Dental Facts, Oral Health


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