Experience Matters with Dental Implants

If you need a surgical procedure, you obviously want a surgeon who has performed the procedure before. Someone needs to be the surgeon’s first patient, but it doesn’t need to be you! Installing dental implants is no different. Although it’s oral surgery, it’s still a surgical procedure and you can be more confident of the outcome when you have a dentist with experience. That’s why you want to have your dental implants installed by the Yuba City Dentistry Group!

Thorough Planning with Precision

Installing dental implants that successfully mimic the performance of your original teeth requires thorough and precise planning. There is very little room for error when dealing with the teeth. Just the slightest amount of offset and your body will detect the difference. Therefore, your dentist makes sure to do a thorough examination of your jaw structure and your bite, while also considering your medical and dental history. With this information, the Yuba City Dentistry Group is able to select the best dental implants to use with the available bone and the ideal location for placement.

If a patient only needs one or two teeth replaced, a dental implant procedure focuses on matching the original alignment of the tooth with the jaw. When many teeth are missing, however, your dentist needs to recreate an entire arch of teeth. In our experience, the All-on-4 system is the best way to restore a full jawline of teeth, using just four dental implants for either the upper or lower jaw.

Technology Accelerates the Process

Digital technology makes the dental implantation process safer and more successful. With digital images of your jawbones and oral anatomy, our team uses software to determine the best location for your dental implants. Then, this same information is used to craft your new set of teeth while you undergo your dental implant procedure. Advanced dental implant technology helps our in-house dental lab do for you what it has already done for many patients. We can send you home on the same day with an effective replacement for missing teeth.

To find out more about the experience of the Yuba City Dentistry Group with the installation of dental implants, call us for a consultation or contact us online.


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