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Battle Against Cavities

The Battle Against Cavities

There’s an ongoing war waged right in your mouth. It’s you against the bacteria hiding inside plaque and tartar. If left unchecked by a good routine in oral hygiene, bacteria gets a foothold in your territory. As early as twenty minutes after you eat, bacteria...

Caring for Dentures

New Method To Fight Cavities

Curing Cavities With Peptides Researchers at the University of Washington recently discovered that toothpaste containing peptides made from the protein amelogenin reverse tooth decay, restoring damaged tooth enamel. How do peptides work to prevent and repair decay?Amelogenin is a critical protein used during the construction of...

Nuts are amongst the products that help you get enough calcium for your teeth.

How Can I Get Calcium for My Teeth?

Most of us grew up hearing that calcium makes our bones and teeth strong, so it was important to drink our milk. The “Got Milk?” advertising campaign continued the push to drink milk, but chiefly focusing on its value as a beverage. Now with milk...