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Keeping Bad Breath at Bay

Keeping Bad Breath at Bay

We’ve all heard some variation of the saying, “Never turn down a breath mint, for there is a reason why it is offered.” Though we might not notice, sometimes our breath can turn a little on the foul side. We do know that foods with...

Dental floss is part of a good oral health regimen.

Is Flossing Important?

Flossing is something we all know we should do, but actually doing it is another thing. Is flossing necessary? Many dental patients may think it's sufficient to brush their teeth daily and use mouthwash. Others only floss when they have something stuck between their teeth....

Keep your tongue healthy with regular cleaning and exams.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue!

It’s easy to forget one of the hardest working members of your body, the tongue! It’s always there, tasting the good and the bad and helping you to speak clearly every day. The only time many of us give our tongues some thought is when...