Your Dental Implant Options in Yuba City

The Yuba City Dentistry Group wants you to have a full set of options if you need to replace a missing tooth or teeth with dental implant technology. That’s why we offer procedures with single dental implants, two dental implants, or multiple dental implants. When more than one tooth is missing, you can use dental implants to create an implant bridge. If an arch is missing many teeth, you can replace them with a set of snap-on dentures, or with a permanent denture using the All-on-4 dental implant procedure.

The One to One Option — Replace a Missing Tooth with a Dental Implant

Tooth decay or dental trauma can cause the loss of a single tooth. In these cases, our Yuba City dentists strongly recommend using a dental implant to replace the tooth. A jawbone missing a tooth starts to reabsorb the bone that used to support the root. When an implant replaces the original tooth root, the strength of the jawbone is preserved. Therefore, replacing missing teeth with individual dental implants is the best strategy for maintaining your dental health and appearance.

Replacing Multiple Teeth with Implant Bridges and Dentures

When you need more than one tooth replaced in a specific area of the jaw, other dental implant techniques can help reduce costs while still providing benefits to jawbone strength. For example, if you are missing just a few teeth in one area of an arch, dental implants can secure a prosthetic bridge of artificial teeth that span the gap.

When the tooth loss is significant throughout the arch, you can choose snap-on dentures using as few as two dental implants per arch as the lowest cost option for restoring oral function. For the cost of just two more dental implants, however, the Yuba City Dental Group can provide an All-on-4 fixed denture, which has significant advantages for bone health and denture stability. Our Yuba City dentist can discuss with you the benefits of either type of dental implant denture system.

No Bone, No Problem

If either of your jaws are missing significant amounts of bone due to tooth loss and subsequent bone resorption, our dentists solve the problem in two different ways. If time is not a factor, a bone grafting procedure restores the missing bone. It takes time for the bone graft to fully integrate with your jaw, however, and some patients want faster results.

So if time is more important for you, our dental experts also offer zygomatic dental implants for the upper jaw and specially structured long dental implants for the lower jaw. In the case of the upper jaw, or maxilla, zygomatic implants use cheekbone to provide additional strength that the jawbone cannot provide. In the case of the lower jaw, or mandible, specialized dental implants that are used with the All-on-4 procedure make use of whatever bone is available to maximize the strength of the implant attachment.

Therefore, if you ever thought that dental implants were not for you, ask the Yuba City Dental Group for a consultation to talk about the options that are available to restore your oral health and stunning smile!


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Gale Young

All staff were so curtious, attentive, and kind,. The doctor was gentle and sharpe , I am looking foreward to my cap replacement !