Aging and Teeth

Myths About Aging and Teeth

Despite entertaining stories and endeavors to the contrary, not a single living human can avoid aging and its effects. As a result, many circumstances like receding hairlines or sore muscles are summarily chalked up to getting old. This happens in the dental field too, with...

3D Printing for Dentistry

Is 3D Printing Ready for the Dental Industry?

Prosthetic arms, keychains and spare keys, shipping pallets, monkey wrenches, web camera covers, shoes, plate ware, cars, even full-size office buildings – truly, the items you can make with a 3D printer seem to be limited only by imagination. That’s because instead of taking a...

George Washington's Teeth

The Truth Behind Washington’s Teeth

The Yuba City Dentistry Group maintains a comprehensive understanding of dentistry so we can provide you with the best care. This includes an accurate knowledge about the history of dentistry. A favorite story from dental lore involves the first president of the United States, George...