Dangerous DIY Dentistry

You change the oil on your car. You remodeled the living room by yourself. You successfully removed that sauce stain from the carpet. And you learned to do it all from instructions videos on the Internet or personal experience. Having so much success with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos and products has inspired you and countless other Americans to save money with self-sufficiency (if not time). So, what about tooth veneers, or trays for realigning your teeth? How about doing your own tooth extraction? Are these proper tasks for DIY dentistry, or is planning to do-it-yourself the swift road to potential disaster?

Don’t Be Fooled by DIY Ads

Learning to improve your home or car without professional supervision can be effective, but it’s not without hazards. There’s much to be said for training and experience. Your mouth, however, is a delicate collection of sensitive components. It takes the dental specialists at the Yuba City Dentistry Group years to learn how to successfully perform dental procedures and identify the best course of treatment for each case. No video on YouTube can properly examine your mouth and identify the best procedure for your personal circumstances.

Now, there are instances where someone decides to cut costs by ordering a Direct-to-Customer (DTC, or Direct-to-Consumer) product. Sometimes, people whitening their teeth or improving their bite do meet with success using DIY. But the often untold story is when the ordered product does not work as advertised. Excess tooth whitening can lead to tooth sensitivity. Trying DIY tooth veneers or at-home jaw realignments can actually do significant damage and lead to lost teeth. Falling for flashy marketing can later lead to teeth falling out!

When DIY Goes Wrong

If you try a DTC product and it clearly is not working — or worse, does damage to your teeth or mouth — it’s vitally important to report the incident so the authorities can take appropriate action.
The Food and Drug Administration — the FDA recognizes that the number of DIY dental products is increasing, and that most of them have not been tested or approved as safe for use. For the public safety, the FDA exercises the authority to remove these products and shut down their manufacturing. However, they need to know about these products! That’s why it’s important to report any failed DIY dental product to the FDA.

The American Dental Association — the ADA does not deal with DIY products directly, but they highly recommend that patients do not use DTC dental products. In 2018, they ran a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal encouraging readers to avoid DTC dentistry. The ADA recognizes the importance of examining and solving dental problems with personal attention from qualified medical professionals.

Dental professionals at the Yuba City Dentistry Group regularly examine the results of any treatments or procedures they perform with follow up visits that make sure the desired results are coming to fruition. If there are any complications, they adjust your treatment to compensate. DTC dental products generally do not offer this support. If any DIY dental options catch your interest, give us a call or schedule an appointment to discuss the product. When it comes to your oral health, don’t just do it yourself, do it with us!


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