Five Parts to a Great Smile

There’s no denying the benefits of a great smile! It can brighten a room, impress a date, seal a job interview, calm a nervous heart, and even improve your health. As with the rest of the human body, your smile requires regular attention to maintain. There are basically five parts to a good smile. Giving proper attention to each of these parts ensures your smile lasts a lifetime.

Healthy teeth — Since your teeth are one of the primary components of your smile, make sure they stay strong and fit. Exercise them with healthy, crunchy snacks, like carrots, apples and celery. Avoid sugary, bacteria-feeding foods, and acidic, enamel-softening drinks, like sodas. Brushing twice daily along with checkups and cleanings from your dentist twice a year are vital to keeping your teeth looking their best.

Straight teeth — Symmetry goes a long way with a great smile, but it doesn’t always start out that way. Sometimes nature needs a little assistance. With orthodontic options from the Yuba City Dentistry Group, like traditional braces or Invisalign, we bring a straight, symmetrical appeal to your smile.

Intact teeth — A chipped, cracked or broken tooth receives all the attention from onlookers, taking away from a great smile. Since teeth can’t heal themselves, the only way to restore your teeth is with outside help through cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Using the latest technology, your dentist can apply veneers, crowns and dental implants to restore your smile.

Whiter teeth — A great smile with yellow teeth is not necessarily a great smile at all. Even if you have healthy, straight, complete teeth, many people won’t get past that yellow color. That’s why there are so many teeth whitening products on the market today. However, most of them do not work as well as advertised (if at all). Thankfully, your expert dental staff at the Yuba City Dentistry Group has effective methods of whitening your teeth safely and efficiently.

Healthy Gums — Though they might not be at the front stage of your smile, your gums provide an important supporting role. They help protect your teeth and keep them in place. Any severe damage to your gums from gingivitis or gum disease erodes their support away, eventually deteriorating your smile. Brushing twice daily and flossing regularly stimulates your gums, removing food particles and plaque. Avoiding tobacco use while maintaining a healthy diet and keeping properly hydrated ensures your gums play their supporting role successfully.

If any one of these parts are short or missing, your smile is not as great as it can be. The Yuba City Dentistry Group is happy to discuss which part your smile would benefit from any improvement, as well as all the options on how to improve it. Please give us a call or schedule an appointment online for more information on how you can take advantage of all the parts to a great smile.


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Bill Cameron

very friendly people. I have an infected tooth and after its cleared I return for extraction. so naturally this is going to be a glowingly positive for they are the best dentistry in all of the land. lol. seriously, I wouldn't go anywhere else.