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Great Smile

Five Parts to a Great Smile

There’s no denying the benefits of a great smile! It can brighten a room, impress a date, seal a job interview, calm a nervous heart, and even improve your health. As with the rest of the human body, your smile requires regular attention to maintain....

Teas are one of the seven worst staining foods and beverages.

How to Stain Your Teeth

The Horrible Seven Even when our mouth is healthy and our teeth are in sound shape, they might not look their whitest and brightest. Some foods and drinks dull the teeth and make them appear yellow, eventually brown and definitely drab. Since most of our Yuba...

Ultrathin Veneers

A Whiter Smile Just For You!

More than ever, we see photos of ourselves on our mobile devices and online. With apps like Instagram or Snapchat and sites like Facebook, both the dazzling and the unflattering photos of ourselves are posted instantly, sometimes without our permission or even realization. And when...