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How to Stain Your Teeth

The Horrible Seven

Even when our mouth is healthy and our teeth are in sound shape, they might not look their whitest and brightest. Some foods and drinks dull the teeth and make them appear yellow, eventually brown and definitely drab. Since most of our Yuba City dental clients are after white teeth, how do teeth get stained like this?

The Worst Offenders

Here is a list of the seven worst offending foods and beverages:

  1. Coffee. Your morning, afternoon and possibly all day pick-me-up drink can certainly cause your teeth to go from fab to drab. Have your morning joe, but then switch to water the rest of the day for hydration.
  2. Tea. Not to be outdone by coffee, black tea is potentially worse for staining teeth. Even white and herbal teas contain tannins that cause staining in heavy tea drinkers. Treat tea as you would coffee and try to limit all-day tea drinking.
  3. Red wine. If it stains your white tablecloth, it can stain your teeth. The tannins and chromogens (the color forming compounds in red wine and other foods) wreak havoc on your smile. White wine is better, but has higher acidity, and that can lead to tooth enamel erosion. Eroded enamel then makes it easier for other substances to stain your teeth.
  4. Sauces. Tomato, soy and curry sauces are delicious, but their intense colors contribute to tooth staining. Switching it up with lighter sauces gives your teeth a break from the stains created by the darker types.
  5. Colored sugar drinks. The acids in those colorful sport drinks and sodas, along with their sugar and food colorings, do a number on a healthy smile. They erode the outer layer, staining the lower layer. Switch to water! Save your teeth, save your money and save yourself the sugar and or caffeine crash that comes with drinking these beverages.
  6. Candy. If it stains your tongue, it can stain your teeth. The food colorings and acids in candies, especially the sour kinds, are very damaging to both the looks and health of your teeth. Rinse out your mouth with water after eating candy; this helps to rinse away any remaining acids until and before you brush.
  7. Berries. Blueberries, blackberries, cherries and pomegranates all contain teeth-staining pigments, although they provide great antioxidants for the rest of your body. Drinks made with these foods accelerate the staining as they put your teeth in contact with far more pigments than you would be able to chew.

Keep in mind that if a certain food stains your teeth, it likely stains crowns, dentures and veneers too.

Need Whiter Teeth?

Now that you know how to stain teeth, you can take action to prevent this outcome. But if you feel like you’re losing the battle against tooth stains or your smile needs improvement, contact the Yuba City Dentistry Group for a whitening consultation. Our dentists will help you decide the best way to restore your bright and white smile with lasting results!

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Oct 7, 2016 | Cosmetic, Oral Health


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