Why Technology is Important for Dental Implants

High Tech Enables Better Results

The Yuba City Dentistry Group uses the best imaging technology available to ensure better placement of your dental implants. Then, our fully-digital process enables us to create same day dental prosthetics so you leave our office with a full set of teeth. Using this technology helps our dentists produce better long-term results and greater customer satisfaction.

It Starts with Digital Imaging

During the preparation for your dental implants, the Yuba City Dentistry Group creates both a full 3-D scan of your mouth and a complete set of high resolution 3-D x-rays of your skull and jawbones. These images allow us to select the best possible type and placement for dental implants. Quality imaging and implant selection also eliminate the need for bone grafting in almost all cases. This then ensures that the implants have sufficient strength to mount a temporary dental prosthetic immediately after installation. It also increases the body’s ability to biointegrate with the dental implant material.

Precise Implant Capture

After dental implants are placed in the mouth, the next important step involves creating an accurate prosthetic that fits perfectly with the implants. The Yuba City Dentistry Group uses PIC — Precise Implant Capture — to generate a digital image that is then uploaded to our computerized production machine. This device makes your dental prosthetic based on the accurate images derived from PIC. With the help of our onsite dental technician, your dentist, and this technology, you receive a same-day prosthetic that represents the height of dental technology.

Tour the Dental Tech

Getting dental implants can feel like a big decision. Our staff at the Yuba City Dentistry Group wants you to understand every stage of the dental implant process! Tour our dental practice and see the devices yourself. View the options in dental implants that ensure the success of your procedure. Meet the dentist and staff members that will help you have the smile you want. Find out what quality technology is so important when you want quality dental implants!


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