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Fluoride is Helpful

Back in 1945, workers in Grand Rapids, Michigan added powdered sodium fluoride into the city’s water supply. This was a federally-sanctioned trial to determine the dental benefits of fluoride. A year beforehand, the teeth of local schoolchildren were examined as a baseline. As the trial...

Keep your tongue healthy with regular cleaning and exams.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue!

It’s easy to forget one of the hardest working members of your body, the tongue! It’s always there, tasting the good and the bad and helping you to speak clearly every day. The only time many of us give our tongues some thought is when...

A sumptuous buffet illustrates the wide variety of flavors that are recognized by the tongue.

Vitamins For Oral Health

In our last article, we discussed the dark side of gummy vitamins and why they can adversely effect dental health. If you choose to take a vitamin, the Yuba City Dental Group recommends taking a chewable or pill vitamin, instead of sugary gummies. But what...