Dental Fiction or Fact?

Dental Answers in Yuba City

Sometimes it can be confusing when you see conflicting information online or hear it from others when it comes to dental health. So here are some dental facts and fictions. Consider how you would answer the following statements:

If My Teeth Don’t Hurt, I Don’t Need to Visit the Dentist

Fiction! By the time your teeth or mouth starts to hurt from toothache, abscess or other decay, it may be too late to save infected teeth. Dental enamel, the coating that protects your teeth, does not contain nerves, but the inner part of your tooth does. Tooth pain often is a sign that the enamel is breached and nerves in the tooth are now facing damage. It may also mean there’s an abnormal growth in your jaw or oral cavity. Regular dental visits at the Yuba City Dentistry Group allows our dentists to resolve potential dental disasters before they have a chance to cause trouble.

Everyone Eventually Needs Dentures

This is another fiction. Dentures are a suitable replacement for multiple missing teeth in one arch, but regular dental hygiene at home and visits to our Yuba City family dentists can prevent lost teeth and extractions due to gum recession, periodontitis, bone loss and tooth decay. While the average adult by age 64 has three teeth missing, many of our patients prove that you can keep all your teeth for your entire life.

Plaque Turns Into Calculus or Tartar

Fact! Even a vigilant at home oral hygiene routine results in some hardened plaque, because tartar starts to form rapidly out of plaque. Go longer than six months without visiting your dentist and you are guaranteed to find established calculus on the teeth along the gumline. These “coral reefs” of bacteria cause gum recession, bone loss and tooth decay. Your semi-annual visits to the Yuba City Dentistry Group stops plaque and tartar in it’s tracks and keeps it under control.

For more answers to common dental questions, look at our website or contact us to schedule an appointment today. Our Yuba City and Marysville dental professionals look forward to helping you and your family enjoy the best dental health!

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