Millennials and Dental Care

Millennials refers to the generation of people born between 1981 and 1996, making them 25 to 40 years of age in 2021. They are in their prime right now, using their vigor to fulfill their dreams, reach their goals, or simply live their lives. Despite being brought up during the bloom of the technology age, millennials still need to brush their own teeth. Technology won’t do it for them!

Nevertheless, a recent study shows that about 30% of millennials brush their teeth only once per day – if at all! The results also indicate that the average millennial often goes more than two days at a time without brushing their teeth even once! Many reported that they do not go to the dentist regularly. One of the overriding reasons for these behaviors is that 20% said they didn’t like the taste of dental products.

At the Yuba City Dentistry Group, we take the issue of lax oral hygiene seriously. If you have an issue with the flavor or texture with one of the products we use, ask us about alternatives. Same goes for any personal oral hygiene products that you need. Our Yuba City dentists and hygienists are likely to have suggestions. We also have samples of home dental products you may find more palatable.

Generational Dental Failures

It might comfort some millennials to know that their generation is not alone when it comes to not visiting the dentist. The same study showed that 60% of all adults admitted they were too afraid to go to the dentist. Nevertheless, failing to visit the dentist is the primary way that small oral problems become big ones. That’s why the Yuba City Dentistry Group does our best to address any fear or discomfort you might have during your visit. We know it can be scary for some, and difficult for others. We have procedures, training and equipment that will help you relax, and we’re happy to explain our practices so you can rest at ease while in our care.

Another point of the study showed that, despite their dental fears and habits that directly lead to tooth loss, half of those polled were still worried about losing their teeth due to their state of oral health. While ironic, the situation illustrates that even people who ignore oral hygiene and dental care still have a concern about their oral health. If we can reduce the dental apprehensions of millennials, their concern over their teeth will overpower their anxiety or distaste regarding dentists and dental products. That’s why one of the primary goals for the Yuba City Dentistry Group is to help our patients feel at ease when visiting. We want you to know you are in good hands during any procedure – from a simple cleaning to orthodontic procedures. And if you do happen to lose any teeth, millennials should always want the most technological replacement available — dental implants!

Now Is The Time for Dental Care

Millennials are in a prime age bracket for determining the direction of their lifetime dental health. Regular dental care, both at home and with your dentist, is vital to keep your oral health strong. Brushing for two minutes, twice a day, and flossing every day, keeps the levels of bacteria in your mouth low. It removes plaque and food debris, so bacteria have fewer resources for reproduction and tooth destruction. It also freshens your mouth and breath, giving you the confidence to smile and take on the world.

If you are a millennial, we’d love to hear about your views on oral health. Do you have an apprehension about dental care? Would you like assistance in setting up a routine? Are there any of our products that you might find distasteful, or home oral care products where you want an improvement? Are you interested in cosmetic dentistry, such as tooth whitening or orthodontics? The Yuba City Dentistry Group looks forward to making your oral care the best it can be! Give our office a call, or you can schedule an appointment online.


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