Prevent Gum Recession

What does a healthy mouth look like? The teeth have strong enamel in varying shades of white or slightly yellow, sitting snugly in their sockets, surrounded by firm, pink gums. However, when gums recede due to poor dental hygiene, oral piercings or age, the roots of the teeth can become exposed. This leaves the tooth’s foundation open to bacterial invaders whose excretions launch an attack of irritation and decay.

Talk About Dentin

The roots of teeth are made out of dentin. This substance has less mineral content than enamel, and that’s one reason why it’s considerably softer. Dentin is also porous and needs the gums to surround it as a protective barrier against temperature changes and acids from our food, drinks and oral bacteria. When dentin is invaded, root cavities form. So, without gums, teeth stand a very poor chance of lasting long!

Prevention is the Key

The best cure for root cavities is thus prevention! Gum recession is a real threat for all of us. Even people with good daily oral care habits still experience some recession due to aging. Regular dental care with the Yuba City Dental Group for your whole family is the best way to minimize the dental disasters resulting from gum recession.

It is possible to remineralize dentin when gums have receded by using toothpaste and mouth rinses containing fluoride and by eating a balanced diet that emphasizes whole foods over sugary processed foods. We can also apply fluoride after semi-annual cleanings for an extra protective boost. In between professional dental cleanings, use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth, and gently. Doing so prevents gum abrasion and more recession.

It is important to avoid gum recession as much as possible! Once gums recede they do not grow back by themselves. Repairing receding gums generally requires some form of oral surgery. So take care of your teeth and gums with a healthy diet, avoid oral jewelry, limit acidic drinks (like sodas), and brush and floss daily. Our Yuba City dental professionals look forward to meeting you at your next appointment. To schedule one, contacts us by phone or book one through our website.


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