Tips for New Braces

One of our Yuba City family dentists recommended braces and now they’re attached. Are you experiencing some pain and discomfort? This is totally normal and fortunately temporary. Your mouth simply needs to get used to the new metal! Our staff does all it can to make sure your experience with braces is as comfortable as possible, but some temporary pain and discomfort is to be expected. When braces do their job, they literally “pull” teeth into alignment, moving them through your jawbone. As you can imagine, that requires steady force, and at the start, it may be uncomfortable. So here are some tips to keep the problems at a minimum when you get brand new braces.

The First Few Days and After

When you first get braces or have an adjustment, eat soft foods and take ordinary pain medication as needed. After a few days, your teeth and mouth get used to the braces, or their adjustment. Carry a kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss or interdental brushes, and orthodontic wax wherever you go. If food gets stuck in your braces, or you need some wax to protect your mouth, solutions will be handy.

Do not remove your rubber bands, except when you brush your teeth. This will prevent the hooks from damaging your gums and cheeks. Don’t stress too much about broken brackets. Do not bend or pull on the wires. Cover the broken bit with wax and call our Yuba City dental office right away for an immediate appointment to fix it.

Smile! There’s no need to be self conscious about your braces. Orthodontics are common, especially for young people. Be proud of the fact that you’re investing in your smile and oral health for years to come. It may even help to customize your brackets and bands by picking your favorite colors!

Keep your appointments with the Yuba City Dental Group! Skipped appointments delay your treatment plan, meaning you’ll be wearing your braces longer than needed.

Our Yuba City dentists provide excellent care for all of our patients and we pride ourselves on making everyone as comfortable as possible. If you are experiencing braces pain for longer than a week, contact us as soon as possible to find a solution. Wearing braces is a process, but the results are worth it!


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Dr cheema and his staff are absolutely the best! They were very kind and gentle. Did everything they could to keep me comfortable. My all-on-4 procedure was great all things considered!!! I would recommend anyone to visit Yuba city dentistry group.