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Braces can be painful. The Yuba City Dentistry Group discusses why.

“Bracing” for Pain

With many things meant to improve our lives – weight lifting, learning a new skill, overcoming bad habits, and others – there is a measure of discomfort involved. The same is true with repositioning your teeth by using braces. The staff at Yuba City Dental...

Ceramic Braces

Tips for New Braces

One of our Yuba City family dentists recommended braces and now they’re attached. Are you experiencing some pain and discomfort? This is totally normal and fortunately temporary. Your mouth simply needs to get used to the new metal! Our staff does all it can to...

An example of results attainable with the newer clear braces.

Braces or Invisalign?

Why Use One or the Other? If one of our dentists suggests that you or a family member needs plastic aligners or traditional braces to correct misaligned teeth, is one better than the other? Our Yuba City family dentists understand that oral health and well-being are...