Dental Treatment Plans

The Yuba City Dentistry Group provides a wide variety of dental procedures for an even wider variety of patients. When you require a procedure like oral surgery, orthodontic treatment, full mouth restoration or cosmetic dentistry, it’s important to know what to expect and what to do before, during, and after the process. All of these details are available for the patient. These details are called a dental plan.

Features of a Dental Treatment Plan

Dental plans from the Yuba City Dentistry Group aren’t merely a list of what to do when. A good one also starts with the “why.” Everyone’s mouth is different, and therefore everyone’s oral care is customized for their specific needs. These needs are defined by many parameters such as:

  • Age
  • Personal oral care routines
  • Existing dental work (such as filings or crowns)
  • Medical history
  • Duration of dental procedures
  • Personal budget
  • Short-term and long-term goals

Not all these parameters are a concern for every patient, and some patients have additional situations to consider. Putting together a dental plan allows our dentists to keep close tabs on your individual needs, as well as keeping you and your dentist on the same page. When you receive your dental plan, it includes most (if not all) of the following:

  • Details on all included treatments, including what they involve and why we recommend them
  • Treatment options for different budgets
  • How long the plan will take to complete, including when certain steps or phases will be accomplished
  • A schedule of follow-up appointments
  • Instructions on maintenance at home
  • A list of answers to frequently asked questions
  • Support information

Even with a comprehensive dental plan, you might have further questions or concerns. The Yuba City Dentistry Group is happy to discuss them with you! We can provide costs and schedules in writing, for your convenience. Your comfort and understanding are just as important as your dental care. If you have a dental issue that bothers you, let’s plan out a successful treatment to maintain your oral health!


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