Dentures and Sleep Apnea

Modern dentures are better! Traditional dentures rely on a good fit, practice and sometimes denture adhesive to stay attached. So a long-standing problem with older dentures is when they fall out and create embarrassing situations. With current dental technology, the Yuba City Dentistry Group has a solution!

Implant Dentures = Modern Dentures

Implant dentures have a solid attachment for both upper and lower dentures by using just a few implants in each jaw. Once implants are installed, they support a “pop-in” denture. This reliable choice has many more advantages than traditional dentures. For one, dentures now stay put no matter what kind of food you eat, how hard you cough, or how big you laugh. Next, the implants help save your jawbone, which assists in maintaining your appearance.

Another potential benefit is that the implants are multi-functional. For example, with age, some patients start to experience sleep apnea. Weight gain, loss of muscle tone, and other factors may contribute to snoring and lack of quality sleep, even sleep apnea. If you find that you struggle with daytime lethargy, or your partner has mentioned an increase in your snoring, take this seriously and mention it to our local Yuba City and Marysville dentist. Nighttime air blockages deprive your brain of oxygen, forcing you to briefly wake up hundreds of times a night! The result is lack of the deep sleep we need to cleanse our brain and feel our best.

To treat this common problem, a custom oral appliance can be made that prevents sleep apnea and snoring. With implant dentures, the oral appliance is easily attached. Many patients prefer using a custom oral appliance over the Constant Airway Pressure machines (CPAP) traditionally used to treat sleep apnea. An oral appliance does not require electricity and therefore is silent and convenient. Patients and their partners wake up refreshed and rejuvenated!

Order Implant Dentures and Oral Appliances

We are happy to discuss implant dentures and oral appliances. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss any of the following:

  • Sleep apnea diagnosis;
  • Dental solutions for sleep apnea;
  • Custom oral appliances with implants;
  • Installing implants to affix dentures;
  • Deciding if implant dentures are required.

Let us help you to discover the best way to wear dentures and treat sleep apnea!

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