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Many people with smiles that could be improved don’t get that improvement, often because they hate the idea of wearing a mouth full of braces. The irony is that they are holding off on getting a better smile to avoid braces, when the Yuba City Dental Group offers many options in place of traditional orthodontics. If all you are looking for is a better smile, our dentist might have a better treatment for you. We offer procedures that are shorter on time, cost less money and use easier techniques. But first, let’s discuss the role of traditional braces.

The Duty of Braces

Traditional braces are certainly successful at giving our patients a brighter smile and more confidence, but one of their main tasks is to improve oral health. Braces do not merely reposition teeth for cosmetic effect! They also assist with issues like malocclusions, an abnormal bite, jaw problems, and sleep apnea. Braces are comprehensive, able to address multiple issues all at once, and typically cover all your upper and/or lower teeth.

Despite these benefits, many individuals still hate the idea of a mouthful of braces just to get a better smile. Many adults look at the time behind and the time ahead, and then convince themselves that it’s just too late for the positive changes made with orthodontics. But recent developments in dental technology make that conclusion obsolete.

Six Month Smiles and Propel

The Yuba City Dental Group offers a procedure called Six Month Smiles. This procedure does not cover all your teeth but focuses on the ones within your smile line – six or eight teeth in the front. The procedure works on the upper teeth, the lower teeth, or both. Although the appliances are similar to braces, the amount of equipment used is significantly less. As your teeth change position, the appliances need monthly adjustments to keep the pressure constant. However, in about six months, your smile is ready to impress your friends, family, and associates.

The Yuba City Dental Group offers another procedure called Propel. This technique accelerates the process of orthodontics, reducing those six months even further! Propel is also available for patients with traditional braces who want to minimize their orthodontic time.

Plenty of Reason to Smile

Merely six months from now, you could enjoy a better smile. Adding Propel could reduce that time to three or four months, with less cost and less equipment on your teeth. To find out if the Six Month Smiles procedure is right for you, or for further information on Propel, please contact the Yuba City Dentistry Group or schedule an appointment online.


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They where very kind and took good care of me. I had a really bad tooth and was really scared. Not the biggest fan of dentist but they took extra care of me I'm beyond thabkful